Commercial Solar

There are many benefits of going solar for your business and it is a key strategic decision that will guarantee solid financial returns and help you hedge against volatile inflation of electricity rates.

You can lock in your electricity costs with sustainable solar and give yourself a leg up on the competition, plus you’ll increase the value of your property.

Commercial Solar

Drastically Reduce Your Electricity Costs

As utility rates continue to skyrocket you can fix a portion or all of these costs by investing in solar.

Accelerated Depreciation

Consult with your CPA, most businesses can depreciate the cost of the solar equipment by 85% in the first year. Keep your pay back period short and your ROI high.

Set Yourself Apart

Consumers and employees alike are attracted to businesses that commit to sustainability and who also support the local economy. Generate a positive buzz around your business while contributing to positive environmental change.

Low Maintenance

Solar systems require minimal maintenance. A semi-annual cleaning is usually all that is needed to take advantage clean renewable sunshine for 25 to 40 years.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Call us today to book a consultation and we’ll design a solar plan for your home or business that will save money and begin the transition to a more sustainable future.

“Mike is passionate about solar energy and his knowledge compares to no other.  I am extremely pleased with the system Mike recommended for my family.  Thanks to his help, we’ve been able to save thousands over the years and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.  I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone considering solar.   His expertise, professionalism and customer service skills makes the process easy and effective.”

Elizabeth C.


Mike and Christian - Desert Renewable

Mike and Christian Cordero

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